Ownership Protection & Expiry Protection

Your domain(s) are the foundation of your
brand's presence online - keep them protected.

Ownership Protection

  • Prevents ownership information from being changed.
  • Prevents your domain from being moved to someone else's account without proof of identity.
  • Protects your domain from inadvertent, accidental or malicious theft.

Just $30.00/year

Expiry Protection

  • Prevents losing important domains because your credit card expired or your payment failed.
  • We'll hold your domain for you for an extra year and keep it from deleting.
  • No one else can step in and take your domain.

Just $8.00/year

Save up to 80% when you bundle - only $38.00 $7.60!*

Bundle with a new domain or login & visit your domain manager to protect existing domains.

Login and visit my domain manager

*Limited time offer. Sale is valid for initial registration period only.