SSL Certificate Application

You can configure your SSL certificate to suit your needs. Use the fields below to modify your SSL certificate, including certificate type and validity period.

Enter your domain as www.[yourdomain] to secure both your core domain and the www. subdomain.

Domain Name*


Certificate Type


This certificate will apply to a single domain, such as "".


This certificate applies to the original domain and any subdomains, such as “” or “”.


This certificate applies to an IP address rather than a domain, useful for certain applications and organizations.

Add specific Subject Alternative Names (SANs)


Advanced users can add alternate domains, subdomains, or IP addresses to be certified.

Add domain names at /year each
Add subdomains at /year each
Add public IP addresses at /year each

Validity Period

Due to changes in Apple, Mozilla and Google Root Store Policies, as of September 1, 2020, newly issued SSL/TLS certificates with a validity period greater than 13 months (397 days) are prohibited by policy and will not be trusted. Therefore, as of August 31, 2020, our SSL Partner GlobalSign has stopped issuing 2-year publicly trusted SSL/TLS certificates.


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