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It's the same house, just a different paint job!

How will this affect my…
Your billing settings will remain the same. You can expect any annual or monthly charges to come out when they normally do. Your products and services will renew at pricing, which will match or beat NameScout pricing. If you are hosted with, your package will stay the same with NameScout pricing. Check out Rebel’s hosting packages in case you want to upgrade.

There will be no changes to your domains or billing dates.
Your privacy will remain intact and nothing will change in your WHOIS information.

Ownership Protection/Expiry Protection
Your Ownership and Expiry Protection services will remain active, the change will not impact your protection or security.
Advanced DNS
You will have access to the same Advanced DNS options. You won’t have to make any changes to default or custom DNS settings.

Websites (hosted, parked, forwarded)
If your website is hosted, parked, or forwarded, you will not have to make any changes to default or custom DNS settings.

If your website or domain is parked, in time you will see the NameScout name servers automatically change to Rebel name servers. You will not need to make any changes yourself.

Hosting & email services
Your hosting packages and services will stay the same, you will continue to be billed the same price for the same package. In addition, has new hosting package options if you’d like to change your service.

Your email information and login will stay the same.

My account/Domain Manager
Everything is in the same place with the same functionality. You will see the same account/domain/transfer/contact manager, just with different colours.

Annual domain billing

Your billing dates will remain the same, your pricing will match or beat NameScout pricing. If you’d like to be notified before your domains next billing date login and update your email preferences.


There will be no changes to your SSL services or products.


You will find your account interface is identical to your NameScout one, with the exception of new offerings and colours. If you need help navigating, don’t hesitate to reach out to your support team.

WHOIS information
Your WHOIS information will remain the same with the exception of the Registrar information. In time it will be updated to Rebel.

Terms & Conditions
Our Terms & Conditions remain the same.

Legal is in the same legal jurisdiction as

Customer Support
The same Customer Support Team is here to help you. You won’t experience any delays or interruptions to issues we’re currently working to resolve.

Support Contacts

You can now reach your Customer Support team toll free at 1 866-497-3235.
You can reach them via email at
You can still access LiveChat on our new site.
Support via former NameScout channels will automatically re-direct.

Account/domain history

All of your account, domain, and contact history will be automatically transferred over.       

If you have any NameScout bookmarks, they will re-direct to the same page at to make the transition as easy as possible for you.