Managing a Domain Portfolio

Managing Portfolio Domains, photos of many documents.

Between tracking renewal dates, managing contacts, and keeping groups of domains organized, managing a large number of domains can be daunting. We've built our tools to scale from one to thousands, including features that will help you produce reports quickly and easily.

Built-to-Scale Management Tools

Here are some ways we've built our management tools to work with your portfolio:

Domain Manager

The Domain Manager includes two main ways to organize your domains: folders and tags. With folders, you can group (and sub-group) your domains as you see fit. You can also apply folder defaults, assigning new contacts and preferred settings to all of the domains in your folder. With tags, you can further categorize your domains across folders – tagging domains by TLD, hosting, use, etc.

In addition, you can export a full list of your domains in either CSV or Excel format, enabling you to report on your portfolio with other software tools.

Transfer Manager

If you're transferring multiple domains to, you can use the Transfer Manager to track and report on their progress. Our Transfer Manager is a convenient way to consolidate your portfolio.

Contact Manager

The Contact Manager allows you to create a list of ready-to-use contacts for all of your domain WHOIS information. You can use the contacts you create in conjunction with your Domain Manager's folder settings to quickly apply contacts.

Built to Work for You

We've ensured that can accommodate any number of domains. If you have questions or would like to tell us how we can better accommodate your portfolio, feel free to contact us!

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