Keeping you secure online

3 products. 3 ways to stay safe online. We’re not automatically adding these to your cart, but they are great add-ons to consider.

Privacy Protection
Mask your personal information from ever becoming public in the WHOIS database - and stop annoying unsolicited phone calls and emails in their tracks.

Ownership Protection
Protect your domain from inadvertent, accidental or malicious theft and prevent ownership information from being modified without your approval.

Expiry Protection
We will hold your domain for an extra year and prevent it from deleting and becoming available for anyone else to register if your payment fails.

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Rebel Managed WordPress is a Rebel hosting package specifically designed to support WordPress websites. It’s a great choice for anyone starting their first business website or for those who simply prefer to let someone else deal with the ins and outs of site building including the small hassles like updates and technical adjustments.

Note: This product can be billed monthly or yearly ($300).

Need help designing your website?

Starting at $500
Let us do the heavy lifting. Our design team will be in touch using the email on your account

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