What’s a domain transfer?                  
A domain transfer is moving the management of your domain from one registrar to another.

Why Rebel?

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How do I transfer to Rebel?
Watch our video tutorial below or learn more here.


How long does a transfer take?

Most domain extensions, with the exception of a .CA, take a minimum of 5 days from start to finish. .CA domains take 1 day or less. These are standard times across the domain industry. To speed up the 5 day process, you can contact your current domain provider and request for them to release the domain or push the transfer. This can significantly improve the wait time.

What happens if I still have time left on my current domain?
The transfer fee covers the remaining time left on your domain and the renewal for next year.

Will my website go down during the transfer process?
No, your website will not go down during the transfer process. The setup you had in place prior to the transfer will remain intact until the transfer finishes. If the domain is pointing to your host using Nameservers, they will carry over during a transfer.
If your domain is using an Advanced DNS setup (A, CNAME, and/or MX Records), you will need to set these records with us once the transfer has completed. DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect. During this changeover, it's possible the site could be down. Propagation time depends on servers updating worldwide (some people may see the site working right away, others may not).

How much will it cost?
You can check out our competitive pricing here.

What’s an authorization code?

An authorization code is used to verify domain name transfers between domain registration companies. The AUTH code is a unique code assigned by the Registrar when the domain name is created. Essentially it is the "password" for a domain name and aids in the identification of the domain owner so proper authority can be established.

How do I get my domain authorization codes?
Check with your current domain provider for details, every provider will have different instructions to help you through the process. 

I want to transfer my domain to you, but keep it hosted somewhere else. Can I do that?
Of course! If you’re pointing to 3rd party Nameservers, those will carry over. If you’re using Advanced DNS, that will not carry over automatically, you will need to update these once the transfer is complete.

I have more questions – what can I do?
Give our amazing customer support team a call toll free at 1-866-497-3235 or email them at service@rebel.com– they’re here for you 24/7.