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Domain transfers made simple

If you have a domain name elsewhere, you can transfer it to us for better support and service.

Why transfer to Rebel?

You won’t believe how easy and seamless it is to give yourself the full benefits of Rebel’s one-stop-shop domain management. All transfers include a one year extension to the term of your domain. You can also migrate many domains at once — your whole portfolio — with our Bulk Transfer tool. Best of all, your website(s) will not go down during the transfer process.
Fast, automated and risk-free

Transfer your domain in three steps

Manage one or many transfers quickly and easily with our custom-built Transfer Manager. The transferred domains will then automatically appear in your Domain Manager.
1. Prepare to Transfer
Go to your domain’s current registrar, unlock the domain, and get the authorization (auth, EPP) codes.
2. Initiate the Transfer
Follow the simple transfer or bulk transfer process, providing the authorization codes.
3. Transfer Complete!
The transfer may take up to five days (based on the other registrar), but will complete automatically.

I've used other hosting companies in the past but I always keep coming back to Rebel. The service, the incredible support, the speed and the price are spot on!! I can't say enough good!

- L.D. McQuinn
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Always helpful and clear in their communications. If I need personalized assistance, they are available quickly in my experience - minimal wait times. Expanding services are good to see.

- Jason Pankratz
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Customer service doesn’t come better than this. Rebel isn’t a business: it’s a family. Love the whole team and the work that they do!!

- Janine Hogg
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Been using Rebel as a domain registrar since the early 2000s when they were called DomainsAtCost. I’ve stuck with them for almost 20 years already because of one thing: the best customer service. No matter what happens they’re always there, ready to help, and just a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended for any services they offer.

- Crackmacs
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The Rebel difference:
Award Winning Customer Support

Ever notice how problems tend to pop up when there’s no one around to help you? Well, with Rebel, you’re never on your own. If you have any questions regarding your website, you can always talk to someone.

Our in-house team of knowledgeable agents (located in Ottawa, Canada) are happy to help you out via email or telephone, and from Monday to Friday via live chat (from 9 AM to 5 PM ET).
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Frequently asked questions

Check with your current domain provider for details, every provider will have different instructions to help you through the process.
An authorization code is a unique key assigned by the registrar to a domain. It is used to verify domain name transfers between registrars. Essentially, it is the password for a domain name, working to identify the domain owner and establish proper authority during the transfer process.
Check with your current domain provider for details, every provider will have different instructions to help you through the process.
Most domain extensions, with the exception of a .CA, take a minimum of 5 days from start to finish. .CA domains take 1 day or less. These are standard times across the domain industry. To speed up the 5 day process, you can contact your current domain provider and request for them to release the domain or push the transfer. This can significantly improve the wait time.
A domain move is fast, simple, and free. To move a domain from one Rebel account to another, please follow these steps.
The transfer fee covers the remaining time left on your domain and the renewal for next year. 
No, your website will not go down during the transfer process. The setup you had in place prior to the transfer will remain intact until the transfer finishes. If the domain is pointing to your host using Nameservers, they will carry over during a transfer. 

If your domain is using an Advanced DNS setup (A, CNAME, and/or MX Records), you will need to set these records with us once the transfer has completed. DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect. During this changeover, it's possible the site could be down. Propagation time depends on servers updating worldwide (some people may see the site working right away, others may not).
Of course! If you’re pointing to 3rd party Nameservers, those will carry over. If you’re using Advanced DNS, that will not carry over automatically, you will need to update these once the transfer is complete.
Give our customer support team a call toll free at 1-866-497-3235 or email them at– they’re here for you.
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