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Help fight HIV with a .hiv domain name

Every click counts.

Your .HIV domain is more than just a web address. Every visit to a .HIV domain triggers a donation to HIV response projects. An easily displayed click counter on your webpage shows the user in real time the total amount of donations to HIV project work.

Get your HIV domain domain name today for $199.99!

$125 USD from every .HIV domain registration goes directly to HIV charities.

Help fight HIV with a .hiv domain name

Show your customers you care.

The first and only domain space dedicated to a social cause-supporting and funding the global fight against AIDS. $125 USD from every .HIV domain registration goes directly to HIV charities.



Your domain generates financial support for lifesaving HIV medicaments.



Your domain increases HIV awareness to people all over the world.



Your domain helps reduce discrimination of those living with HIV.

What People are Saying

What I like about dotHIV is that it’s not only a Top-Level Domain. It’s also a great tool for companies, NGOs and individuals who want to show support and responsibility.
I love the idea. That's the kind of creativity we need.
I think dotHIV is great, because it will give the topic of HIV and AIDS a dedicated space on the Internet. It reaches young people – one of the main target groups for prevention and  will thereby help to turn the tide together.

How does it work?

For each click on a .HIV website .HIV will forward a micro donation to selected HIV projects. These micro donations consist of the surplus from the domain sale, the .HIV registry guarantees that a minimum of 70% of their turnover will be donated. The process is displayed through a real time click-counter on .HIV sites, showing how much money has been raised for HIV response efforts – just by users clicking through sites like yours!

Simply configure the click-counter and adjust to your needs on .HIV’s community portal after purchasing your domain name. It will only take 10 minutes.

These webpages are a symbol of soli­darity and generate much needed funds for the global fight against AIDS.

Where does the money go?

Supporting HIV and AIDS projects that com­mit themselves to better access to therapy and fund innovative projects all over the world.

Take part and help change the world.

Search for your .HIV web address now! Help fight HIV with a .hiv domain name

Every click counts. Learn more at

DOT HIV - The Red Ribbon of the Digital Age