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What is .DESIGN?

Attention creatives!

It’s time to tell the world who you are and what you do by making a .DESIGN domain part of your story. Professional and aspiring designers alike can now elevate their brand and set themselves apart with a design exclusive URL and savvy online presence.

What makes you tick? Tell the world with .DESIGN

What do I get with my domain?

1 month of free email
1 month of free email
Show you mean business with a professional email that matches your domain.
Advanced DNS
Advanced DNS
Take full control of your domain with our Advanced DNS options.
Advanced security
Advanced security
Safeguard your site with SSL certificates and privacy protection.
Worldwide hosting
Worldwide hosting
From WordPress to VPS, we’ve got a hosting package that’s right for you – with servers located all over the world.
Free award winning support
Free award winning support
Call, email, or chat with our award winning experts.

How to choose the right
domain name

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Keep it short & simple
Shorter domain names are easy to type and easy to remember
Domain extensions
Pay attention, there’s more than .COM and .CA - explore fun alternatives like .TECH or .STORE
Protect your brand
Make sure it doesn’t break any copyright or trademark laws
Act fast
Good domain names don’t stay around for long