What is .FAITH?

Faith is the one undeniable trait common to all religions across the globe. Throughout history, civilizations have been guided by the power of their religions, and at the core of each is a strong foundation of faith and this deep-rooted, fundamental conviction in a higher power in a variety of religions and other faiths continue to this day.

As religions and other faiths have evolved so have their followers, in terms of the ways in which they show commitment to their faith and the methods they can use to access support and information to help renew or empower their faith. Due to its global and all-encompassing nature, the Internet is a powerful medium through which, information and services can be accessed.

With a completely transparent and memorable domain name, the new .FAITH generic Top Level Domain (TLD) provides a dedicated, easily accessible location for global Internet users with an interest in any faith. .FAITH is unrivaled as a source of information and services for online religious communities within a secure environment.

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How to choose the right domain name

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Protect your brand
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